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 FLEETING FOREST - ARIZONAAbstract NudeThe Fosse on Castle Green 


Janine Martin's work is inspired by and references the work of Bloomsbury and the Expressionist Movement
with its vibrant, saturated colours, vigorous form and emotive atmosphere.

Working in a variety of media to suit the subject matter, Janine is versatile  in oils, acrylics and watercolour. 
Whilst  landscape remains her abiding passion, she is also fascinated with exploring figurative work in a narrative context.

Janine is constantly experimenting and looking for new ways to express her relationship with the world around her.
More recently dreams and memories have been a source of inspiration for her more personal works,
creating a new series called 'Memory and Mythology'.


         NEWS   WINNER OF 2021 ART PRIZE - H.ART HEREFORD             


                          BBC's "Imagine Series" presented by Alan Yentob included

                           one of Janine Martin's paintings called "The Flying Bus" 


CONTACT DETAILS     To contact the artist email at       janine@janinemartin.co.uk